Seed drill machines are used for planting seeds evenly in farms at fixed depth and distance, which leads to enhanced productivity of farms. Earlier, seeds were thrown in the field after cultivation and a large quantity of the seeds were eaten by birds. Moreover, it resulted in non-uniform seed sowing that led to difficulty in growth of crops, as the crops remained undernourished due to lack of sunlight and other minerals. However, seed drill machines maintain uniformity between seeds and sow them at an appropriate depth, which prevents the birds from eating them. This, in turn, boosts the production of farms.

Seed Drill Machines Market – Drivers and Restraints

The global market for seed drill machines is anticipated to expand significantly during the forecast period owing to an increase in effort to boost the production of agriculture, as agriculture is one of the primary sector that contributes to the global GDP and enhances food security. Furthermore, the global population is expected to increase by more than 10 million by 2050. Therefore, the agriculture sector needs to be boosted by using different equipment, such as seed drill machines, in order to ensure food security, which in turn can enhance the production of the agriculture sector. Rise in adoption of autonomous systems in the agriculture sector is likely to boost the seed drill machines market during the forecast period. High cost of the seed drill machine is a major factor restraining the seed drill machines market.

Seed Drill Machines Market – Segmentation

The global seed drill machines market can be segmented based on features, technology, seeder type, and region. Based on features, the attached seeder segment is likely to hold a major share of the seed drill machines market, as it requires less human effort for seed sowing and is more effective in increasing yield of farms.

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In terms of technology, mechanical seed drill machines is likely to be the leading segment, owing to being more cost-effective than the remaining segments. Moreover, mechanical seed drill machines require less maintenance and can be repaired easily, thus most farmers prefer mechanical seed drill machines over other seed drill machines.

Based on seeder type, the tine seeder segment holds a higher share of the market, as compared to the disc seeder segment. Tine seeders are more cost-effective than disc seeders; however, in certain fields, only disc seeders can be employed. Therefore, the disc seeder segment is expected to expand at a moderate pace, along with the tine seeder segment, during the forecast period.

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