5G will also start at Lake Balaton

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At the beginning of the summer, mobile service providers usually carry out significant capacity expansions around Lake Balaton. For the first time this year, 5G network development will be part of it, at least at Telekom.

For reasons known this year, more domestic tourists will surely flood the shores of Lake Balaton than ever before, which will encourage mobile operators to expand capacity even more than before. Magyar Telekom was the first to provide an insight into this year's development phase, describing in its Facebook post what modernization processes are expected on the shores of the lake in the coming weeks, or have just been completed.

Thus, Telekom , and expects the expected rather strong season this year around Lake Balaton by expanding the capacity of 40% of the total stock. In the coming weeks, another 30 stations will be upgraded by the company's specialists, and in July the 5G service will be launched at six base stations in six unspecified waterfront cities, so the company's network covering certain areas of Budapest, Zalaegerszeg and Budaƶrs will cover the shores of Lake Balaton.

By the end of the summer, Telekom will be expanding its 5G at a total of 40 base stations at Lake Balaton, which is interesting because the service provider does not currently have so many 5G stations in Budapest.


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