A blackmail virus may have given Matt a mat

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It is speculated that an extortionist virus may be behind the widespread shutdown affecting almost all of Garmint's online systems and customer service channels, which has been going on since Thursday dawn and, according to unofficial information, may extend into Saturday as a result of recovery work. The consequences of the outage, officially referred to by the company as a “breakdown”, are exacerbated by users' lack or difficulty in reaching customer service.

The breakdown affected, among other things, Garmin connect online, which synchronizes the manufacturer's various wearable fitness classes and activity meters. data on exercises and training with the central servers of the service provider. A somewhat more fleshy problem is that there were also outages in the flyGarmin web service yesterday, so pilots using the Garmin Pilot application could not update the current flight database with their devices, meaning they could not have boarded under the rules of the competent U.S. aviation authority.

The manufacturer did not elaborate on the reasons for the shutdowns in response to official press inquiries, but ZDnet writes, based on unspecified internal information on social portals, that .

This is also confirmed by the Taiwanese news that allegedly reached the local media through Garmin's manufacturing partners. The company sent an internal memo to these partners yesterday, notifying the companies operating the production lines about the shutdown and the related investigation. In the note, Garmin IT informs manufacturing partners that some of the company's systems will be unavailable for maintenance on July 24 and 25.


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