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The János Tornyai Museum has launched a series of three gastro-workshops, the second session of which was held on Saturday, August 8, Vásárhely reported.24

The aim of the program is to introduce some elements of traditional kitchen technology to those interested. , which, in addition to being well applicable today, can also address some of the challenges of our time. On the second occasion, acidification and fermentation were discussed.

Viktória Terendi, an ethnographer at the János Tornyai Museum, said there were participants in the last session who also reported on their own experiences, so they could learn from each other, a real workshop was created. 19659003] In the first session, the participants got acquainted with sourdough, today another form of fermentation was focused, and then the last workshop shows how to design our garden.

This time the participants also received a detailed description of the different acidification processes. , and also boldly voiced their questions and experiences. It can be said that an information-rich, cozy workshop has once again developed in the Folk Art Country House.

The project is implemented within the framework of the TOP-6.9.2 Strengthening Local Identity and Cohesion tender.


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