About 20 GB of confidential documents leaked from Intel

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Intel has been the victim of a serious data leak, with about 20 gigabytes of sensitive internal documents leaked from the chip maker, including data and source codes marked as confidential and secret. The sizeable package, Intel said, contained mostly information that the company will make available to its customers and partners after signing a confidentiality agreement.

Intel is already investigating the matter, and the company is investigating how up-to-date the data is and the channel through which it may have reached the leakers. The fiasco was first reported by Swiss software engineer Tillie Kottmann, who runs a popular Telegram channel that collects data leaked from big tech companies. Kottmann spoke of an anonymous hacker sending the files to him, claiming he had gotten into one of Intel's servers with incomplete protection earlier this year. According to the software engineer, the current 20-gigabyte package is the first in a series of large-scale data leaks.

and mainly contain information on the interior design of the manufacturer’s chipsets, including technical specifications and product descriptions and guides for partners, dating back to 2016 models, but documents marked with a date of May this year are also included in the package. The package includes, among other things, specifications for the Intel Management Engine, the company's Kaby Lake and Tiger Lake processors in the pipeline, and even documents describing a sensor system developed by the company for SpaceX, according to Ars Technica.

for the time being, the chip maker denies that it was the victim of an external attack, contrary to the claims of the hacker who sent the data to Kottmann. The company said the data package was more likely to be downloaded and distributed by an unauthorized person who had access to the Intel Resource and Design Center online portal, which provides partners with technical documentation on how to incorporate their chipsets into their products.

The perpetrator made the files available on the MEGA file-sharing, which have since found their way to several torrent sites. The hacker contacting Kottmann promises to publish more sensitive documents about the chip manufacturer's products in the future.


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