After a long dispute! Alejandro Sanz reaches an agreement with his ex-wife

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Spain .- The singer Alejandro Sanz and his ex-wife Raquel Perera have finally reached a divorce agreement, after several months that the legal dispute lasted due to the disagreement of both parties.

It was Raquel who Through Instagram he revealed the agreement: “Doña Mercedes Hernández Claverie (Lawyer of Mr Alejandro Sánchez Pizzarro, better known as Alejandro Sanz) and Mr Alfredo Gómez Mendizábal (Lawyer of Mrs Raquel Perera Navalon) on behalf of their respective clients, they state that they have reached a totally satisfactory divorce agreement for the parties, and request that their privacy be respected. ”

Alejandro and Raquel had two children during their relationship, Dylan, 9, and Alma, 6. They met in 2007, when Raquel became part of the singer's team. They got married in May 2012, the same day they baptized their son Dylan.

Currently Sanz has a relationship with the Cuban model Rachel Valdés.

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