After an external attack, Garmin systems will be operational again

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On Monday, Garmin issued a statement about last week's cyber attack that placed the company's online systems on two shoulders, in which the company acknowledges that its systems were hit by an external attack, but user data remained intact. As a result of the attack, which began on July 23, virtually all of the company's online synchronization services became unavailable for several days, and the systems were restored from Sunday to Monday. Although some services are still running in reduced mode, the company promises to get everything back on track this week.

Last week's attack affected Garmin connect online, among other things, through which the manufacturer's various wearable fitness watches and activity meters synchronize. data on exercises and training with the central servers of the service provider. A somewhat more fleshy problem is that there were also outages in the flyGarmin web service yesterday, so pilots using the Garmin Pilot application could not update the current flight database with their devices, meaning they could not take off under the rules of the competent U.S. aviation authority.

The attack also affected Garmin's flight planning platform

Garmin said in a press release Monday that it was unaware that user data had fallen into unauthorized hands during the attack. Although the company does not detail the background to the attack, several sources have reported that the blackmail virus, which has been infecting WastedLocker since April, caused the shutdown.

Although previous rumors have been that the hacking team behind the virus, Evil Corp. asked Garmin for the company, Garmin did not provide any details about it, in its press release yesterday, all it said is that the attack will have no financial implications for the company’s business results. All this suggests that the company got rid of WastedLocker without paying a ransom, which is theoretically possible if the company had a proper backup strategy.


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