Again, tropical butterflies await visitors in the university herb garden in Szeged

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 Tropical butterflies await visitors again in the University Herb Garden in Szeged

The butterfly garden of the Arboretum of the University of Szeged reopens on Friday, where flying flowers and tropical butterflies can be seen from a distance. ] The staff of the herb garden conjured up an environment reminiscent of a tropical rainforest under one of the foil tents: to make the conditions ideal for butterflies, the room had a high temperature of 70 percent and a temperature of 30 to 35 degrees. From the puppets in the puppet closet – which arrive from Costa Rica every month – butterflies keep popping up, fluttering eye-catchingly from plant to plant, feasting on butterfly roofs or just landing on visitors ’arms and clothes.

observing and photographing butterflies native to the tropics. Walking along the promenade, those interested can meet the representatives of almost twenty butterfly species, 250-300 colorful, tropics. Most of them are especially active in sunny weather, when they zigzag between the plants, and in gloomier weather they rest on the leaves and branches of the plants with their wings folded.

On the site, the staff of the herb garden provides a short guide and information boards help to identify special insects. Due to epidemiological regulations, a maximum of ten people can stay in the foil house at a time, and it is mandatory to wear a mask.

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