Again, Vodafone offers unlimited data

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Vodafone Hungary once again offers a mobile tariff with unlimited data traffic, which yesterday presented its new portfolio of RED tariff packages. In addition, the two new bundles that replace existing ones (making them the only ones available for new subscriptions) offer complete unlimited not only domestically, but also in EU member states and the most expensive Vodafone RED Infinity World tariff in a further 72 countries.

RED FullFull

Although Vodafone claims in its communications that it will be the first in May this year to introduce a tariff plan that includes unlimited data in addition to unlimited talk and SMS, this is actually only partially true. In 2017, a tariff package (RED Infinity) became available in Vodafone's portfolio, which offered unlimited data traffic, albeit in an EU roaming situation with a limit of 10 GB. At that time, there were four RED tariffs in Vodafone's selection, the number of which has been reduced to two with the current transformation.

On the other hand, from 2017, Magyar Telekom's modular tariff offer can be constructed to offer unlimited domestic data in addition to unlimited voice and SMS – In EU roaming situations, this package is also limited. In addition, Telenor, with its unlimited data traffic – which can no longer be subscribed to – Hello Data tariffs, causing serious market turbulence in 2017, also has a package providing unlimited domestic data traffic (also with limited roaming data), ie Vodafone only launched a new one by removing the roaming data frame. 2020.

The cheaper of the two new tariffs, the RED Free fantasy construction, costs HUF 10,990 per month, of which the service provider provides a HUF 2,000 discount to customers using ex-UPC fixed line services. . The peculiarity of RED Free is that the maximum data connection speed can be up to 10 Mbps in all situations, thus introducing a similar limit to the offer as Vodafone, which was abolished with the UPC Mobile MVNO service, which was discontinued with the acquisition of UPC. 19659004] The RED Infinity World tariff, which costs HUF 15,990 (HUF 12,490 for fixed line subscribers) per month, differs from RED Free in three important respects. On the one hand, the more expensive design does not include the above-mentioned bandwidth limit, and on the other hand, it offers unlimited data consumption in 72 countries in addition to the EU member states. Last but not least, Vodafone will only provide 5G access to this tariff from the new portfolio, which is a significant step backwards from the previous conditions, as the 5G commercial network was launched last year with all RED tariffs sold at that time. of course in possession of the right device.

Enhancing fixed-mobile convergence

Although the two competing providers do not provide unlimited data across borders, this situation is unlikely to last long due to the gradual decline in EU wholesale roaming charges. Of the three service providers, Telekom offers the most expensive tariff offering full unlimited (ie unlimited voice and SMS, and domestic data), a package containing such conditions costs a total of HUF 17,950 per month at the magenta service provider.

Meanwhile, Telenor tax Hiper XXL fee package can be subscribed for HUF 15,990 per month, which is the same as the monthly fee of RED Infinity World. At the same time, Telekom gives customers subscribing to fixed services a 30% discount on the monthly fee for all services, so the cost of total unlimited already falls to HUF 12,560, which is a good illustration of why there is a competitive advantage in the market for fixed and fixed service providers. They offer both wireless access to their clients.


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