All ready! They prepare series and documentary of Manuel ‘El Loco’ Valdés

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Mexico .- The grandson of Don Manuel “El Loco” Valdés, Iván, publicly denounced that one of his relatives had misused the money that the renowned actor and comedian received until the last day of his life. as part of the exclusivity that Televisa had in the company .

However, he gave details of his grandfather's will, as well as the documentary and bioseries that he plans to make as a tribute

During the interview he gave for the program Sale el Sol, Iván revealed the misuse of money made by one of his relatives, revealing that his famous grandfather did not have such a good time in his last days of his life.

“The company was able to continue depositing its exclusivity until the last day … my grandfather at the time … gave him his card and the signature of the account so that he could assist him, it was so that they would draw money from him, unfortunately the person the one who gave it to was not used to so much money and I feel that his eyes have gone … ”, he mentioned. “The eldest son at home where he stayed in his last days, at Mrs. Arcelia's house, Panchito was the one who managed his account, and unfortunately he did not have the awareness of being able to do things directly for my grandfather … urgent needs Suddenly he became half a duckling … for my taste it was not taken care of properly. “

My grandfather at some point told me that he had left a will … he named my uncle Puppy, my aunt Norma, and even there, that was what he told me, and at the time his wife, the most recent, Arcelia Larrañaga, but in the same way she had left him, mutual wills were left in case it happened to one before the another, they were complementary … I am not listed in that will, it would not have to be, if I did it would be a pleasant surprise; however I'm not interested, I took everything with me in life “, said Iván about the will of 'El Loco'.

Valdés revealed that he has the rights to make a documentary and bioseries of his grandfather, and although he took all the legal measures to be able to carry it out, he hopes not to have problems with his relatives for this reason.

“It is something that he entrusted to me, it is videotaped, it is with papers, everything is legal, I have nothing to fight with Nothing, because I am doing something that he asked me, and I am undertaking a commission, I am going to do it as his last request, his commission was personally done to me and my cousin Francesco, because my cousin who is an extraordinary filmmaker, the who made the Tin Tan documentary, he is right now making a documentary about my grandfather, the real biography, told by my grandfather and his best friends “he ended.

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