Almost everything turned out for the new standalone Oculus VR headset

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The eyeglasses, called the Oculus Quest 2, come with more muscular iron and a “close” 4K resolution.

Details of Facebook's latest standalone VR headset have been leaked in a promotional video. In the “accidentally” published video about the Oculus Quest 2, essentially everything was revealed: the device is able to follow the associated, also new controllers – or even the user's hand – without separate sensors. The headset features Qualcomm Snapdragon’s fresh XR2 chip, designed specifically for VR and AR goggles, which promises about twice the performance of both the CPU and GPU compared to the previous-generation Snapdragon 835. The chip comes with 6 gigabytes of RAM and 256 gigabytes of storage – Quest 2 also has a “nearly 4K” resolution display, which is also nearly double its predecessor, according to the video. The device will, of course, support all content created for the original Quest. The release date and price of Oculus Quest 2 are not yet known.


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