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Washington, Sep 16 (Sputnik) .- The organization Amnesty International denounces that it has once again been denied access to a British court for hearings on the extradition to the US of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, said Wednesday a of the group's lawyers.

“Amnesty International was once again denied access to court today at Assange's extradition hearing. We have made three requests for recognition as expert fair trial monitors. The judge declares that there will be no 'special provision' for the assistance of our trial monitor, ”tweeted Julia Hall, who works in the fight against terrorism and for human rights for the international secretariat of the organization.

The hearing to decide whether Assange should be sent to the US resumed on September 7 at the Central Criminal Court in London, after a six-month delay due to the covid-19 pandemic.

The activist explained that observers from fair trials have as their mission “to assess the fairness of a trial or legal proceeding by providing an impartial record of what happened.”

“It is a shame that the UK has not recognized that international fair trial monitors should be officially recognized and They must be allowed access to Assange hearings. Open justice does not benefit from this failure, it is deeply undermined, ”Hall wrote.

The WikiLeaks founder, who has been locked up in Belmarsh maximum security prison since his arrest at the Ecuadorian embassy in London in April In 2019, he attends the trial behind a glass panel, away from his defense team.

The hearing is expected to last at least three weeks, and the losing side is very likely to appeal the verdict. (Sputnik)


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