An outdoor stage is being built in Dóm Square

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The construction of the Szeged Outdoor Games Dóm tér playground began. On July 24, spectators will be able to see the play AKÁRKI for the first time in the square, which is the iconic venue of the festival.

Within days, Dóm Square in Szeged will come to life again, as this year's season of the Outdoor Games begins. This year, however, this year's area of ​​twelve thousand square meters will not be the usual 4,000-seat grandstand and huge stage, but – due to the pandemic – a smaller 200-square-meter “carpenter” stage and a 1,000-seat temporary auditorium.

Spectators can see a real theater history curiosity at the playground on July 24th. The play AKÁRKI will be staged with the lead role of Kossuth Prize winner Sándor Zsótér, Géza D. Hegedűs and several actors with excellent Szeged ties. The special feature of the piece is that this production is staged every year in the program of the Salzburg Festive Games, which is the forerunner of the Outdoor, thus repaying the decades' “debt” of the Games. The performance seeks answers to the basic questions of human existence, often spiced with ironic humor. The director, Géza Bodolay previously revealed that the set for the special production will be given by the cathedral, which has been consecrated 90 years ago this year, which enhances the honesty and intimacy of the piece.

to the Duomo square. On the occasion of the 250th anniversary of his birth, the Szeged Symphony Orchestra will perform an unforgettable Beethoven evening, where, in addition to the audience's favorite hits, compositions that are a real “delicacy” of music history will also be performed.

] As the Outdoor has previously reported: both Dóm tér productions are free to view this year. Half of the tickets for the performances were offered to the residents of Szeged, and the other half to the most significant local hotels, thus stimulating tourism to the city.


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