Angélica Rivera has confirmed her return to the small screen

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Mexico .- After endless speculation return of Angélica Rivera to the small screen, she is now her own former First Lady of Mexico who breaks the silence and confirms this news .

Despite the fact that many communication media have done their utmost to achieve this statement it was their famous daughter Sofía Castro who obtained the long-awaited response for the followers of the star.

While the young woman was in a series of questions and answers with her followers, she could not ignore the questions about the His mother's return to melodramas, and taking advantage of the fact that he had her aside, he commented: “Ma … what if you are going to return to television?” To which the ex-wife of Enrique Peña Nieto, without looking at the camera, replied: “yes.”

Following this sign of his return to life in the artistic medium, Angélica Rivera caused his name to be returned to trend in social networks, since his last work on television was in the telenovela Destilando Amor.

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