Another company turned to the EU for an Apple tax

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Another content distribution platform has filed a complaint with the European Commission's competition authority over Apple's commission system for sales through the App Store. In the industry, only the so-called “Apple tax” institution has long been an integral part of the marketplace partners' terms and conditions for market partners, and the point is that for every product sold through the App Store, you receive a 30% commission. the Applet. This time, the glass was filled at Rakuten, which operates the Kobo e-book platform.

The company submitted a submission to the European Commission in March asking the organization to determine that Apple's tax application distorted competition, especially in light of Apple's it also has its own e-book sales platform (Apple Books). The investigation began almost a day exactly one year after Spotify, the world's largest music streaming provider, complained to the European Commission about the applet for a similar reason.

if users switch from free to one subscription model within an app downloaded to iOS devices. In addition, the strict rules of the App Store make every effort to prevent the IAP (in-app purchase) system from being circumvented by the platform owner, so that apps developed by content providers may not contain any visual elements (buttons) or links to external payment sites. [19659002] As a result of Apple's business policy decision, Spotify was forced to exit the IAP years ago while Apple launched its own rival music streaming service, Apple Music, for which it set a monthly fee in line with the competition – while demanded a 30% commission on the subscription fee from rival platforms.

The Swedish company's filing has been under investigation by the European Commission ever since, and no lawsuit has yet been filed against Apple. The Cupertino-based company, by the way, announced just in April that it had created a platform for certain, primarily video streaming, content distributors to avoid paying Apple tax. However, this is conditional on the platform integrating certain core Apple services and features, such as Air Play 2 and Siri support or single and zero sign-on authentication.

Apple, by the way, recently announced that last year, the total global trade turnover associated with the App Store exceeded $ 519 billion, of which $ 61 billion was accounted for by various digital goods and services.


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