Apple will also start manufacturing its top phones in India

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Apple Starts Cutting-Edge iPhones in India: TechCrunch Sources, close to the Cupertino giant, said the company's manufacturing partner, Foxconn, not only began assembling the current high-end series at its plant near Chennai, India. iPhone 11 models have already hit stores, albeit in relatively small quantities for the time being.

According to the paper, Apple and Foxconn have started production in the region in small numbers in the first round, but plan to scale it up later. Of course, the vast majority of iPhones still come from Chinese production lines, but Apple is apparently trying to gradually reduce its dependence on the country. Boosting local manufacturing is also important for the company because it plans to arm its online store in India in the near future and open its first physical store in the country next year – and use locally made devices to avoid the hefty 20 percent import duty on electronics in India.

Apple has been trying to build more production capacity in the region for years, but so far it has not been able to find contract manufacturing partners that meet its safety and quality assurance requirements.


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