Apple’s latest acquisition could make a POS terminal out of iPhones

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The Cupertino giant swallows Mobeewave, which works on NFC card acceptance.

iPhones can be transformed into mobile POS terminals by Apple's recently acquired Mobeewave technology. The acquisition was reported by Bloomberg, and the Cupertino giant did not disclose details of the deal as usual. According to the newspaper, Apple paid about $ 100 million for the Montreal-based company and retained the company's entire team of a few dozen people.

or even with a smartphone. The solution does not require additional hardware to handle payments. If Apple incorporates the technology into its phones over time, it could face fintech companies like Square that offer payment hardware and card readers (along with their software) that can be connected to smartphones to conduct transactions. In Apple’s hands, a solution based purely on the NFC hardware of phones could be a serious gunfire in the local payments segment. Incidentally, Samsung has also partnered with the ingested company – the Korean giant itself is an investor in Mobeewave.


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