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Armin van Buuren and Nicky Romero – I need you to know

Armin van Buuren and Nicky Romero have teamed up to release a massive song called ' I Need You To Know' with ifimay . This long-awaited collaboration is now available at Armada Music and Protocol Recordings.

The two icons of Dutch dance music have been great friends and close colleagues for many years. They have never released an official song together until now. Last year Nicky Romero did a remix for 'Unlove You' by Armin van Buuren .

Armada and Protocol Recordings worked very hard together on this masterpiece, therefore , they decided that it will be released on both labels. As you can imagine, the floor has incredible energy and radiates an incredible amount of dancefloor appeal. To celebrate the new fall, the two superstars hosted an iconic back2back ensemble today on their Twitch Facebook and YouTube

I Need You To Know 'channels perfectly combines the two signature styles of Nicky and Armin. And the result? A harmonic progressive house song that will definitely be one of the hottest releases this summer. In all its majesty, the track features riveting and uplifting vocals, progressive builds, typical Armin kick, and brilliant melodies, for which Nicky is primarily known. It's a good mix of a great hall and progressive house, resulting in a festival-ready track, which we will hopefully soon be able to enjoy on dance floors around the world. Here's what the artists had to say about their collaboration:

« Nicky Romero and I have known each other for years, so it's strange that we still haven't made a record together until today, even though he did a amazing remix of my song 'Unlove You'. But the long wait made it even more fun to finally work together on a track, and I'm very happy with how the album turned out.
I'm also more than excited to show you the unique back set of back 2 that we'll be making to celebrate the release of our first collaboration and I hope it gives you all the energy they need to hang on until we can throw parties again.

Armin Van Buuren:

Nicky Romero made fun of the song for the first time during its broadcast live scheduled for We Are NRG last week .

The song is developed more in the style of Nicky Romero but at the same time it has a classic and enveloping progressive sound. During breakdowns, we can hear Armin's kicks. Armin and Nicky's collaboration certainly does not disappoint.

« Armin and I have been close friends for a long time, but we never found the right time to collaborate. This track started months ago, just before the quarantine, when we were brainstorming ideas for a remix and the original ideas started to flow naturally. Armin has had a great impact on me and my musical style and he has been a lot of fun during this process. I know the fans will love it and I have the feeling that this is just the first of many . »

Nicky Romero

Listen to the song below and enjoy!

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