BFMK is offering 30 summer camps this year

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This summer, more than 700 children applied to the camps of the Ferenc Bessenyei Cultural Center. The trained teachers tried to organize as many outdoor programs as possible and invited the campers to several excursions. Anikó Varga, head of BFMK and community developer Beáta Kargemétin, reported on the details on Tuesday morning.

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, all children were at home with their families, they could not really enjoy the open air and outdoor games. That's why they are very happy to finally be able to break free and play together in the BFMK camps.

The Ferenc Bessenyei Cultural Center originally planned 20 camps for the summer and 4 TOP competitions. was planned. However, in view of the great interest, the management of the cultural center decided to launch new shifts from 4 camps.

Anikó Varga, head of BFMK, said that childcare was also launched last week, as so many wanted to place the children in such a way that fill the holidays meaningfully. “ A total of 30 camps have been launched this year, with more than 700 children enjoying the summer. As we were able to reallocate the funds from TOP applications due to the missed events, the parents only had to pay HUF 7,500 for a 1-1 camp ”said Anikó Varga, who added that teachers graduating from all camps take care of the children.

 BFMK offers 30 summer camps this year

The head of BFMK explained that his request to the camp leaders was to organize as many outdoor programs as possible to protect against the coronavirus. In light of this, the children visit the beach, Szeged, the Wildlife Park, and Csongrád, among others. Beáta Kargemétiné Beáta Varga, camp leader, community developer, said that she teaches campers everything from the basics of folk art to today's creative hobby techniques. They baked bread in the camp when the kids could experience every phase of baking. They will also be felting, weaving, making pottery, and even making a puppet.


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