Both Apple and Google are being sued by Epic Games

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Epic Games launches campaign against both Google and Apple: the two companies broke the publisher's popular Fortnite battle royale game from their mobile app stores after introducing an in-app payment option that bypasses platform owners' own systems. Through the latter, moreover, the “V-Buck” payment instruments used in Fortinte were available at a significantly cheaper rate of 20 percent.

Although Epic Games also included the option to pay in the app on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store as an option. , with a friendlier pricing of its own solution, users are unlikely to have used the platforms ’own channels. Both Google and Apple responded to the bypass update with lightning speed, with both companies immediately expelling the Fortnite filter from their app stores. After that, Epic Games did not theorize, and even filed a lawsuit against the search giant and the Cupertino company that day.

they cut off 30 to 30 percent of in-app payments for themselves. On Android, this is less painful for Epic Games, as it doesn’t necessarily refer to the Play Store, and Fortnite made it available to gamers with an external installation even when it was originally launched. The popular game only hit Google’s app store in April this year – but it looks like the search giant’s hospitality has lasted this far. Apple's system is already more difficult, as users rely almost entirely on the App Store to get apps, so with the ban, Apple essentially excluded the game from iOS one-on-one.

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Epic Games has filed a lawsuit against both companies – this is the first such complaint in the case of Apple, and recently, among others, Telegram has filed a 30 percent “Apple tax” with the EU competition authority. Epic Games, which also released a video parodying Apple's famous “1984” TV commercial, is also trying to ride this wave. from in-app purchases, Android is a much freer platform where users can also install apps from third-party app stores or other external sources – as they did with Fortnite in the 18 months following the launch of the Android version. The publisher's allegations against the two companies are the same despite operational differences, with Epic Games attacking both Google and Apple for their software distribution on their platforms and their monopoly over in-app payments.

He has a harder deal against Google because of the above, and the publisher has made an extra accusation here: the company said the search giant forced OnePlust to back out of its previous agreement with Epic Games to make its devices unique, Fortnite. would have also launched a pre-installed edition. The company said Google also pulled through a similar agreement with LG – which also blocked potential negotiations with other manufacturers. Google has not yet commented on the case.


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