Brother of ‘El Divo de Juárez’ reveals that he did not receive a single peso of his inheritance

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Mexico .- Pablo Aguilera, Juan Gabriel's brother, confirms that he has been left out of the inheritance left by the singer, and that his nephew Iván Aguilera took possession of all the assets of the deceased interpreter.

Don Pablo commented to the program 'Suelta la Sopa' that by orders of Iván, they took away part of the land where he lived, a spa that he administered among other small properties.

Pablo Aguilera says that he does not want problems and denies being in lawsuit with his nephew, so he leaves things like that without following any legal dispute.

Don Pablo claims to have a quiet life, and that he does not lack what is necessary because fortunately he has the money for his retirement, a benefit received by years of work, as well as another income with which he covers his expenses.

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