ByteDance is going to sue with the US

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The Trump administration is sued by China's ByteDance, the operator of TikTok, which has hundreds of millions of users globally, for which the U.S. president essentially banned the platform from operating in the country in a decree issued in early August. The company’s official view is that U.S. standard rhetoric about espionage allegations is completely unfounded, and while the company has been trying for more than a year to provide a constructive solution to avoid a total ban, they have been swept off the table by competent government circles. other solution, just legal enforcement.

The U.S. began its offensive against TikTok on August 3, when Donald Trump did not unannouncedly announce a ban on transactions in China by the app developer ByteDance. The ban will not only affect TikTok, WeChat’s messaging owner, Tencent, also in China, and is expected to take effect in 45 days – unless by that time ByteDance completely divests or sells its local interests to an American party. This deadline was finally changed to 90 days by the President on August 14.

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Microsoft has already signed up for TikTok, the acquisition is successfully completed, the company can take control of TikTok in Canada, Australia and New Zealand in addition to the United States, and it promises to ensure that the data of US users in the country stay. The company also envisioned to involve additional U.S. investors in the acquisition – 70 percent of the investments put together by ByteDance would still come from the U.S.

Although Trump initially rejected the idea of ​​the acquisition, a later deal with Satya Nadella At the meeting, the Microsoft chief seems to have succeeded in convincing the president of the potential benefits of the acquisition. Sources told the paper that several of Donald Trump's advisers and several members of the Republican Party argued in the negotiations to allow the acquisition, as banning TikTok could alienate many young users ahead of the upcoming fall election.

that several American companies have to fight each other, because in addition to Microsoft, Twitter and, more recently, Oracle are also interested in the operations involved.


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