Carlos Rivera returns to TV Azteca with Natalia Jiménez with a fascinating performance

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Mexico .- Last night during the celebration of “La Fiesta Azteca” broadcast by TV Azteca, the musical cast that adorned the program on the occasion of the 210th anniversary of the Grito de Independencia brought together the best of Spanish music, but without a doubt the participation of Carlos Rivera stole the attention of all viewers.

Well, after a few years that the interpreter of songs like “Let us stay our” and “Remember me” did not appear in any of the television programs that saw him born, this September 15 not only stopped before the cameras, but instead made a great interpretation of his greatest hits.

It should be remembered that Carlos Rivera began his musical career when he was part of the third generation of La Academia and became the winner of the first place.

But not only fans are those who recognize the talent of the famous interpreter, but rather his own colleagues, such as Natalia Jimenez whom he met when they both recorded La Voz México in Televisa and with whom he made a very good dumbbell, so much so that they recorded the song “ Destino “, a song by Juan Gabriel with Rocío Dúrcal.

This duet is precisely the one that was most expected during “Fiesta Azteca” that broadcast Azteca .

Followers of Carlos Rivera and La Academia say that seeing their favorite singer reminded them of that “good time” on TV Azteca.

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