Case of Julio Iglesias and his unrecognized son is taken to the UN

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Spain .- The case of the unrecognized paternity of Javier Sánchez Santos has reached the UN, as reported by his lawyer Fernando Osuna.

This litigation has been carried out over 28 years , in which, time and again, Julio Iglesias and his defense have freed him from assuming his paternity, even when it is already biologically proven after a DNA test, but since he had already been a case tried, according to the law, you cannot judge yourself case on two occasions.

Javier Sánchez and his lawyer decided to go to international courts, in this case the International Committee on Forced Disappearances, Arbitrary Detentions and crimes of Genocide and against humanity, which in turn presented the matter before the Committee of the Human Rights of the United Nations. Osuna assures that regardless of the resolution, that the UN shows its support is already a triumph.

“This has a very great moral significance, and we are convinced that in the end we will reach the desired goal, that the Supreme Court, the Constitutional Court or the European Human Rights in Strasbourg agrees with Javier, because he is the son of Julio Iglesias. We are going to resort to all instances “, the lawyer commented.

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