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Santiago, Sep 4 (Sputnik) .- The president of Chile, Sebastián Piñera, promulgated a law this Friday that eliminates the time requirement for women to contract a second marriage.

“Today we enact a law that puts end to legal discrimination, a law that established that women had to wait 270 days to contract a second marriage after having finished their first engagement, “said the president at a press conference.

The president explained that this old norm, that sought to clear up doubts regarding the paternity of eventual children, it was still in force despite the fact that its foundation had been made obsolete by science and women's rights.

Likewise, the president thanked the parliamentarians who promoted this project, both to the ruling party as those of the opposition sector.

«All these steps help us to advance firmly towards a society with full equal rights, dignity and opportunities among Men and women, and to achieve a culture of zero tolerance towards all types of violence and abuse against women, “he closed.

The measure was celebrated by the Ministry of Women, which, through its Twitter account, affirmed that the The law was discriminatory, adding that “promoting equal rights is essential to move towards a cultural change.”

This law, dating from the 19th century, restricted women who wanted to marry a second time in the next 270 days with the argument that this would avoid confusion in the paternity of an eventual child, a norm so old that in fact it used terminology such as the verb pregnancy. (Sputnik)


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