Confirmed! Rosa Salvaje returns to television again

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Mexico.- Rosa Salvaje was one of the most successful melodramas of 1987 and 33 years later it will be broadcast on the small screen.

The famous telenovela, starring Verónica Castro, Guillermo Capetillo Laura Zapata, Liliana Abud and Edith González , will be re-released by TLNovelas starting today.

It should be noted that it underwent a careful conversion process, managing to broadcast it with a better image quality.

Rosa Salvaje narrates the life of Rosa García (Verónica Castro) , who lives with her godmother Tomasa (Magda Guzmán) who raised her since she was little, both are from a very humble class. Rosa is naive and does not have much education. When someone teases her, she tends to reprimand or hit them, people call her “the wild one” and she looks like a man, since she is used to playing soccer, marbles and other characteristic games of boys with other children.

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