Congratulations! Today is Grandfather's Day in Estonia and Google celebrates it with this

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Mexico .- Google besides being the most consulted search engine worldwide, it shows all its users on each special date with a curious commemorative doodle alluding to each celebration.

And is that since August 20, 1998 Google has changed its now classic logo for a doodle, this word is originally from the English language and when translated into Spanish has the meaning “ scribble “.

However, this Sunday September 13 is dedicated to Grandparents' Day in Estonia and its main figure is a couple of older birds in gray , which simulate the gray hair of the grandparents, and are accompanied by five chicks.

This year has undoubtedly been marked by the presence of the coronavirus and it has paralyzed the whole world, which is why Google did not want to leave to thank all those sectors who have been an important part in the fight against this deadly virus. From what we have seen in its logo, masks and houses alluding to the use of this artifact and the “Stay at home” movement, among other things.

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