Crispy roasts were caught in Szeged

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A roasted roast (Hystrix cristata) was caught at the marshalling yard in Szeged, the animal is safe in the Szeged Game Park.

Director Róbert Veprik told reporters on Friday: around the city. Occasionally, the game park staff caught a snake in a playground or had to accommodate an illegally held servo, but it was also the case that only a water glider caused alarm. The species identification proved to be accurate, the animal was captured. Its origin is unknown, or it was mixed from Serbia to Szeged, or a pet animal escaped, or its owner may have been bored.

Otto, MÁV's crested roasting explorer, said that deer, foxes and rabbits often occur around the railway station, but they have never met crested roach before. They had noticed the strange animal that had wandered into the heating house one night before. The zoo was then secured and notified. Adults can weigh up to 30 kilograms, making them the largest rodent on the continent after the Eurasian beaver. His body is covered with spikes of 30-35 centimeters from the middle of his back to the tail, the depressed spines forming a long rib on the animal's head.

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