Disables police use of facial recognition software by Amazon

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Amazon temporarily restricts the use of a facial recognition algorithm called Rekognition. The company announced yesterday that it would not allow U.S. police forces to use the platform for a year – another US technology giant after IBM made a seemingly far-reaching decision, partly with a political message, in the United States, ravaged by racist riots. [19659002] At the same time, Amazon did not diplomatically name any specific reasons for the moratorium, the company said only that in the next year, the legislature will hopefully have time to create a comprehensive regulation that precisely sets the framework for the use of the technology.

At the same time, the company's response is a clear response to a series of racial discrimination in the United States. , which was triggered by the brutal Minneapolis police excess that killed a black man, George Floyd. Since the riots began, Democrats have already submitted to Congress a draft reform of police operations that prohibits, among other things, the use of real-time facial recognition by police-worn or vehicle-mounted cameras without prior judicial approval.

in a year, Amazon will also have time to improve on the error rate of Rekognition, which has been much criticized in the past and proves to be quite inaccurate in some of its metrics. An evaluation of a 2018 study, for example, found that Rekognition errs significantly more often for people with darker skin tones, including accurate gender identification. Amazon then disputed the results, pointing out that, along with other market solutions, Rekognition is in a continuous learning phase, so its accuracy can never be constant.


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