DJP has launched a 5G outreach website

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The Digital Welfare Program launched an information page specifically for 5G mobile technology with the participation of the 5G Coalition of Professional Stakeholders.

it answers a number of questions about next-generation mobile technology. The 5G Coalition, which brings together professional stakeholders, including mobile operators or industry suppliers, covers, among other things, the future uses of 5G, the domestic 5G situation and the environmental exposure.

The website thus provides information on the Hungarian The quality of 5G networks will be world class. According to the site, there is something to build on, as

the quality of Hungarian mobile networks is already at the forefront of the world, both in terms of download speed and availability.

A separate sub-page (“Health and Environment”) deals with with the health and environmental aspects of 5G, where, among other things, it turns out that the radiation of antennas in Hungary is orders of magnitude lower than the health limit. The measured values ​​range from 0.001 to 0.002 W / m2 as opposed to the population limit of 10 W / m2. The radiation of the vast majority of mobile phones sold in Europe, including Hungary, is less than half of the 2 W / kg health limit, only 0.7-0.9 W / kg.

The prospectus also points out that the higher transmission power speed significantly reduces the time required for data transmission, which reduces the electromagnetic exposure of users. In a denser network, mobile and other devices operate at low power thanks to a better radio connection, which further reduces the amount of radiation from the devices, as well as saving energy. Therefore, with the introduction of 5G, residential electromagnetic exposure is not expected to increase in the long run, say members of the 5G Coalition.


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