Do you remember Rubí? This is what happened to the famous quinceañera who went viral

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Mexico .- Rubí Ibarra who in 2016 went viral and was called “ The most famous Quinceañera in Mexico “, because the invitation went viral to celebrate her fifteen years at that time.

And the fact is that the young woman, who will turn 19 years old, rose to fame and caused a stir after a video went viral in which she and her parents invited 'everyone' to have their XV years party.

Ibarra who hails from the community of La Joya in San Luis Potosí captured the attention of all of Mexico and not only that, but thanks to the social networks his party became popular even in other parts of the world.

The celebration to celebrate his 15 years was in December 2016, in the aforementioned community, where people from all over the Republic traveled to be part of the great ac ontecimiento.

The more viral the video that the family recorded became, the more it aroused the desire to go among the people, even the desire of party service providers to join.

The day of the event, December, several thousand people came to the meeting from all over Mexico and the United States in an unprecedented phenomenon.

But after so much show, what happened to Rubí Ibarra ? Nothing! Absolutely nothing happened.

Although it is true that after being the center of attention Rubí Ibarra tried to capitalize on his fame by starting a career as a singer, it happened without pain or glory.

He did give many interviews and even opened in shows of singers consecrated in music, but not having a record company to back her music had a limited diffusion.

Despite this, the young woman's artistic career did not stand out, so she decided to put aside her facet as an artist and dedicate herself to studying a university degree.

Today Rubí Ibarra lives Away from the spotlight, she shares a bit of her day-to-day life on her social networks and is even seen attending university, where she studies a degree in Communication Sciences.

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