Encouraging after another fall in the Chinese smartphone market

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It was an early joy in April, despite the passing of the epidemiological emergency in China, the resumption of production in factories and the opening of virtually all stores, with smartphone sales falling for one second month in one of the world's largest markets. According to data released by the local government on a monthly basis, smartphone manufacturers in the country fell 16% year-on-year in June after a 10% drop in May.

This year's performance of the Chinese smartphone market after the quarantine period has so far been a total roller coaster ride. qualifies: According to data released by the Chinese Academy of Information and Communication Technology in May, smartphone manufacturers shipped roughly 40.8 million handsets in the fourth month of this year, a significant increase from 34.8 million a year earlier. This was followed by a sales volume of 32.6 million in May and then the most recent sales volume of 27.7 million in June.
It includes an IT-security meetup and the standup of Péter Janklovics.

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It includes an IT-security meetup and the standup of Péter Janklovics.

The increase in April at the time was almost entirely due to the strengthening of local producers, most of which Huawei was able to withstand the negative economic effects of the coronavirus the most, but also went well with other emerging producers such as Xiaomi or Oppo. [19659002] Data from the competent Chinese government still does not show how many slices of sales have been cut by iOS-based devices themselves (i.e. practically iPhones) and how much by Android models, so the figures do not show that the year


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