Equestrian sports will start again in Hungary soon

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Although “behind closed doors”, the Hungarian Equestrian Association will soon organize competitions again.

Vilmos Lázár, the president of the organization, said in a Wednesday interview with M4 Sport that they were in a special situation during the coronavirus epidemic trainings were allowed, and in fact, horses had to keep them in motion and in good health. He noted that in show jumping, the competitions start already on Pentecost weekend, they were able to give 600 entrants the opportunity in six locations at the same time.

Next year, Budapest would have hosted five disciplines – show jumping, dressage, para dressage, gear riding and horse riding – in Europe. however, due to the proximity to the new date of the Olympics in 2021, there is no possibility to hold continental races in the show jumping, dressage and para-dressage disciplines. The president of the federation remarked that the four-wheel drive and the equestrian tournament would be held in the capital, which is a great pleasure.

Regarding the October National Race, Vilmos Lázár said it will be possible to hold larger events – they will be able to hold six or eight such competitions.


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