Find out! Millionaires don't spend their money on these things

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EU .- Wealthy people can buy anything and everything they want, right?

Although the above may be true, it does not mean that the rich are spending every peso or dollar that they want, here and there without any concern. In fact, they can become frugal, that is to say, quite simple in the way they live life.

These are some of the things they do not do or in which they do not waste their wealth at all. Some are quite impressive.

1. Impulsive purchases

Carrying out this type of purchases is something you will never see a wealthy person do.

It does not mean that millionaires don't buy expensive things, they simply they think carefully if they need them

2. Extreme inheritances

It is almost a fantasy to think that a mountain of money is left to children and grandchildren so that they do not suffer complications that their parents or grandparents lived through.

The inheritances is not something the rich spend all their money in. Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg have said that they want their grandchildren to trace their path, on their own, instead of depending on them.

Billionaires Their caliber donate significant portions of their fortune to charity to help those most in need

3. Neither watch television, nor play video games

The rich do not spend their money on huge TV packages, or on the latest video games on the market.

4. Buying from luxury brands

The founder of IKEA Ingvar Kamprad does not wear non-market clothing to set a “good example”. Bill Gates still wears his $ 10 watch even though he can afford the most expensive in the world.

However wealthy they are, it is not really their priority to spend their money hard worked, in the latest fashion trend.

5. Buying a very expensive house

Millionaires love offers, promotions or great bargains. They believe in haggling even though they have money so even though they can spend more than the average person, they still take care in what they will invest their money .

6. Buy

Other rich people are opting heavily for rent . Now more than ever, renting has become more popular than buying a house to transform it after a couple of years,

7. Expensive cuts

Everyone needs a trim from time to time. However, some famous rich people do not consider opening their wallets to get it. John Caudwell business man and billionaire, cuts his own hair.

8. Using multiple credit cards

Only 8% of the rich use more than one credit card . 77% of poor people have several.

With more cards, there are more charges to take into account, and more opportunities to buy things that are not needed

9. Pay late fees

Nobody likes to pay late fees especially the millionaires . That is why they have the self-payment established in their accounts when it is time to pay the car or the insurance.

If they already have a fortune they will not want to spend it on another fortune of charges .

10. Acquire things that do not last

Although the wealthy have the money to replace objects that wear out or break, they do not want to spend their fortune Like that.

The rich understand that the cheapest route, in the long term, is not usually the most valuable. They have the habit of considering today's price, for its duration in time.

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