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Just a few days ago, the latest major version of Firefox, 78, was released, Mozilla was already forced to reverse, some due to a non-negligible bug slipped into the new release. As it turned out, Firefox 78 was missing all the search engines, searches from the home page didn't start, and the URL bar auto-complete feature didn't work. The bugs were present in both stable and extended versions of the browser, mainly for enterprise users, with extended support release (ESR).

The organization quickly fixed the bugs, giving users access to version 78.0.1. patches for the above issues, and what's new in major version 78. Of these, the new Protections Dashboard is the most important innovation for users: the interface allows you to track in detail what browsers and other scripts the browser has blocked, and Firefox Monitor is also easily accessible from the interface, where users can check if their email address has been affected. in some known data leak. The Protection Dashboard has a lot of hair on Apple Safari's also recently announced Privacy Report interface, which offers similar information.

Will you be there?

Péter Janklovics stands-up at SYSADMINDAY!

Will you be there?
Péter Janklovics stands-up at SYSADMINDAY!

An interesting innovation is that a new button labeled “Refresh Firefox” appears in the Firefox Removal Wizard. Since many users try to solve a serious problem while using the browser by reinstalling the software, Mozilla will now make the process easier, that the entire deletion and then the reinstallation space can be pianoed at the touch of a button – and of course potentially

In Firefox 78, developers can enjoy WebRender, which allows websites to rely heavily on the GPU in addition to the CPU for rendering, at least on most Windows 10 PCs. n. The solution is yet to be introduced in the macOS and Linux versions of the browser – on macOS, by the way, this is the last release of Firefox to support the system's 10.11 release, i.e. El Capitant, as well as earlier versions. It is also worth noting that the browser no longer loads web pages using TLS 1.0 or 1.1, instead it displays an error message.


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