Five thousand developers had unauthorized access to Facebook user data

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Facebook reported another security fiasco: the community giant shared data with about five thousand developers due to an error even after their applications could no longer officially access user information stored on Facebook. The bug was patched by the company on the day it was discovered.

Facebook strengthened its security systems after the Cambridge Analytica scandal two years ago, and as part of the measures, it also limited how long developers could access it through its APIs. to the data of users who are otherwise already inactive in their applications. According to this, if a user does not use a particular app for 90 days, the application will lose access to the information stored on the social site.

even after the deadline, it allowed them to see the Facebook data of users of their applications.

Will you be there?

Péter Janklovics stands-up at SYSADMINDAY!

Will you be there?
Péter Janklovics stands-up at SYSADMINDAY!

The company did not disclose exactly how many users were affected by the problem, but hurried to emphasize that the apps never had access to more data than they were licensed on first use, so chances are they didn't get a new one after 90 days. information, unless, of course, the user has changed their profile information in the meantime – but for the time being, Facebook has not disclosed what information has been unauthorized.

In parallel, the company has introduced some additional security restrictions on third-party data management, including further restrictions on what data developers can provide. out of users to third parties without express consent.


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