For love there is no age! Widower of ‘Chachita’ begins romance with leading actress

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Mexico .- Hugo Macías Macotela and Dacia González, who are the first actors in the Mexican telenovelas, have confirmed that they have a romance .

Actor Hugo Macías Macotela is the widower of the well-remembered Evita Muñoz “Chachita”, also a leading actress with whom he had marriage for many years.

Through instagram you can see the beautiful relationship between Hugo Macías Macotela and Dacia González, thanks to the images showing the existing love .

For love there is no age and the irrefutable proof, the courtship between Hugo Macías and DACIA GONZÁLEZ, wishing it would be a relationship until life separates them.

If you had not come into my life, just a little before this Frightening Pandemic Epoch, I would have been condemned to a lonely and unhappy existence, but your presence alone , with your joy and your love, have turned this Blessed 2020 into a Unique and Splendid Year, as I describe Love in a song, Nat King Cole.
Obviously all this was planned by God!
I am one of his spoiled, regardless of whom It weighs him.

At work, Hugo Macías Macotela and Dacia González will arrive in March 2020, in the telenovela Te Doy La Vida and she in the third season of Without fear of truth.


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