Former member of ‘Sabadazo’ recovers from cancer and sells sweets to get ahead

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Mexico .- The comedian Bettina Salazar, who is remembered for her participation in 'Sabadazo', recovers from cancer and for lack of work sells sugared apples.

Bettina participated for a long time in that Saturday program, and she really liked one of its characters called 'Olga Sana', and like most artists, her work has been affected by the pandemic, so he had to find another way to earn an income, and it occurred to him to sell sugary apples.

“We're making him want to” he said in an interview for the program 'De Primera Mano'. [19659002] The comedian recovers from breast cancer: “I am taking a prescribed pill for 5 years, I have a year and a half to go, but it affects the liver a lot.”

Bettina also said that she is taking care much of his diet and habits because he fears that cancer will later invade the uterus and ovaries, for he or it does not rule out removing them.


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