Fortnite will not be able to return to the App Store soon

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Today's court decision, the first binding decision in a lawsuit filed by Epic Games against Apple in mid-August, holds favorable and unfavorable clauses for both parties involved. The lawsuit, which fundamentally shook the video game industry, especially the mobile gaming industry, came after Apple and Google banned Epic Games ’popular game, Fortnite, from their respective app marketplaces for giving Epic the in-game currency, V-bucks.

Apple, in addition to removing the game from the App Store, withdrew all claims from the developers of Epic, making fantasy money available on its own channel, cutting off Apple and Google from the commission set out in the app marketplace terms of use. support and access to resources, including the future of Unreal Engine, developed by the company and licensed by a number of third-party companies, at least on the iOS platform. The latter can be particularly sensitive to any application developer whose software — primarily additional video games — is built on the engine of Epic Games, including Microsoft, which was the first major software developer to officially speak out over the weekend.

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In a lawsuit against Apple, Epic sought immediate legal protection, that is, it asked the judge hearing the case to ban Apple from the allegedly illegal activity until a final verdict is reached, that is, for several years. Yvonne Gonzales Rogers, the appointed judge of the competent district court, finally granted this request only partially yesterday, when she ordered Apple not to stand in the way of the development of the Unreal engine, as it would significantly harm third-party interests with an unreasonably severe penalty.

However, the judge added that Apple had excluded Fortnite from the marketplace on an appropriate legal basis, essentially for violating the App Store's terms of use, so it would certainly not require the Cuprtino company to make Epic's video game available again until further hearings.

Given that the substantive negotiation phase has not yet begun and the parties do not expect it to begin within six months, all this means that Fortnite will certainly not return to the App Store for a long time, which is why iOS users of the game over time, they will be forced to choose another platform if they try out the new seasons of the game.


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