Fraunhofer's new codec halves the size of a 4K stream

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The German Fraunhofer Institute, whose name has intertwined in recent decades with the audio and video compression methods used by billions of different audiovisual devices worldwide, has announced its new generation video codec. The new codec, Versatile Video Coding (VVC), promises unchanged video content with half the amount of data compared to the previous generation, significantly relieving the replay medium – especially the most constrained mobile networks.

H.266 / VVC is H. It can be considered a direct descendant of codecs 264 / AVC and H.265 / HEVC, the former in 2003 and the latter in 2013, although due to various patent disputes, the older system is still more common today. The popularity of Fraunhofer's codecs is well indicated by the fact that these two compression methods work in 90% of the world's global video transmission chain, and the new standard promises the institute that VVC will be third in the short term by eliminating licensing problems with HEVC codecs.


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It includes an IT-security meetup and the standup of Péter Janklovics.

According to a statement issued by the institute, H.266 / VVC was already primarily designed to efficiently compress 8K and 4K content, thus transmitting it more efficiently, such as a 90-minute 4K video the size of the previous 10 GB. can be reduced from 5 to 5 GB by using it without compromising image quality. H.266 / VVC can also be ideal for encoding all kinds of movies, including 360 ° panoramic images and signals generated by screen-sharing platforms.

At the same time, H.266 / VVC could become a strong competitor to an increasingly prominent industry player. The Open Media Alliance 's royalty – free, free AV1 codec, used as a successor to VP9 by platforms such as YouTube or Netflix.


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