Gamer's Day? Yes! This Saturday is celebrated; see why

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Mexico.- Did you know that this Saturday commemorates Video Game Day or Gamer's Day ? For many, it may be an unknown fact, but it is.

This is an activity to which almost six out of every 10 Mexicans are regular and that exceeded 32 billion pesos in value last year.

From to According to The Competitive Intelligence Unit (The CIU), in 2019 the market value of video games grew 19.3 percent at an annual rate, its highest increase in a decade.

“The industry has diversified, finding new sources of income in the segment of smartphones and video game streaming services ”, the consultant said in a report.

According to the data collected by the consultant, in Mexico there are 72.6 million people who consider themselves to be video gamers or gamers, which is equivalent to percent of the total population of the country

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Of the gamers in the country, 72 percent use their smartphone as their main console.

Since games that have become classics such as Candy Crush or Pokemon Go, to the popular Minecaft or mobile versions of Call of Duty, are just some of the titles offered in the Play, Adroid, or App Store, iOS stores.

Why is it celebrated?

It could be thought that Video Game Day or Gamer's Day is commemorated on August 29 because it was when the first video game was launched, or because it is the day on which Ralph Baer was born, considered by many to be the father of the video game.

However, it had nothing to do with ideas like those previously raised; The reality is that the celebration of August 29 has to do with the idea of ​​three Spanish printed publications (PlayManía, Hobby Consolas and PC Manía) for the year 2008: they simply decided to designate a day dedicated to Gamer because such a phenomenon needed its holiday .

What they surely did not expect was the level of compliance that Gamer's Day had globally: it soon became a global celebration whose only goal was always to celebrate the fact of playing video games, neither more nor less .


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