Get tighter Google Calendar and Gmail integration with Outlook Web

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After months of development, many of the features or services offered by Google may have begun to be available through the Microsoft Outlook web client offered through the Microsoft 365 platform. Thus, among other things, it will now be possible for the users of the platform to integrate their private Google and calendar entries into the corporate Outlook, thus making their daily tasks and programs more transparent through a single interface. Similarly, Google's mail service, Gmail, and Google Drive hosting are being integrated into Web Outlook – but these enhancements have not yet been made widely available to the general public.

In addition to Google Calendar integration, Web Outlook is adding more new features these days. . Thus, the system now allows the user to schedule the sending of the e-mail, as well as offering automatic response suggestions on both the web and mobile interfaces. Microsoft also has a new feature built into the Outlook mobile client that allows the application to automatically suggest free meeting times based on calendar entries in a meeting request.


It includes an IT-security meetup and the standup of Péter Janklovics.

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It includes an IT-security meetup and the standup of Péter Janklovics.

. The new version of Outlook mobile also includes one-click integration of Zoom and WebEx meeting times into the calendar (this feature has been available for Teams in the past).

Another new feature on Microsoft's online platform is that Cortana is now available for Android. assistant's “play my e-mails” feature, which reads mail on your device. The function became the first to be available to iOS users last year.


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