Google Assistant already supports voice recognition payments

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Voice-based authentication will also allow payments to be made through Google Assistant – a feature that is currently being tested was first noticed by Android Police in the Assistant's payment and security settings menu.

The feature called Voice Match has since arrived. the search giant also officially confirmed it, highlighting that its early version was distributed to a narrow circle of users as part of a pilot program. To turn on voice recognition, you'll need to re-enter the password for that Google Account in the menu – although Android Police has found that the process gets stuck here for many, which is an excuse for a feature that's being tested.

[19659002] Voice-based authentication can only be used in certain situations during the test period, and is currently limited to in-app purchases made through Google Play and restaurant orders – but with a sharp start, chances are it will be available for a wider range of payments. In the meantime, Google has also made a product support document available to guide you through the steps to turn Voice Match on and off – in which the company only mentions in-app digital products for potential purchases.

targeted at smartphone users, it can be much more useful with different smartphones and smart displays where there are no suitable sensors for biometric identification of users. Although the company has confirmed the arrival of the feature to the paper, the technical details of the official announcement and Voice Match are yet to come.


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