Google has begun shutting down Play Music

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Music and playlists can be migrated to YouTube Music by the end of the year.

Google announced in May that it would close its Google Play Music music streaming service, which will hand over its location to its in-house rival, YouTube Music. At that time, the company had not yet revealed exactly when the service would pull the blind, but now it has been announced that new music will not be available for download and download from Play Music from the end of August, and pre-orders will no longer be available for purchase.

-In Zealand and Africa, users will no longer be able to stream music through the service, followed by the rest of the global market in October. Compiled playlists, uploads, and purchases won’t be lost either, but everyone will need to transfer them to YouTube Music by December – which will completely replace Play Music at the end of the year. The company has previously published detailed information on importing content to the new interface.


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