Google is facing a new Google service

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Google's new service, called Keen, competes with Pinterest: the product was created by the Area 120 team of search giant experimental solutions to help users gather content around different topics through machine learning.

In the virtual curator app the user has the opportunity to compile collections – or “keen” – for himself or his friends, and their availability can be set to public or private. In the former, other users can add their own content to the collections.

To be continued!

We will also hold a Danube Sysadminday and an online IT-security meetup in July!

We will also hold a Danube Sysadminday and an online IT-security meetup in July!

Keen uses Google's search engine and machine learning algorithms to gather a variety of relevant content, so it tries to keep the recommendations for the collections up to date. As is the case with machine learning solutions, the more content you add to a user's collection, the more accurate the suggestions Keen will make.

Whether the project can successfully break into the laurels of Pinterest or Google's myriad of mowed service initiatives will carry out, for the time being in question, in any case, the search giant’s experience in machine learning is certainly a serious weapon in Keen’s hands. If the project proves successful, Google is unlikely to benefit primarily from the ads that appear on its interface, but rather from the detailed, valuable data collected about its user interests. The service is now available on the web or in the form of an Android application and can be used free of charge.


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