Google Maps is getting more detailed

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Google will map its map service in the coming weeks, so in the future the various natural landscapes will become more separable in the basic map view of Google Maps, the company announced. The update will show, for example, snow-capped mountain peaks, sandy beaches or dense forests on a map that has so far revealed quite a bit about the nature of the natural environment.

The map service will be renewed across Google Maps, covering some 220 countries. , using satellite imagery drawn on the old map with a new coloring algorithm. In the new map, different elements of the color scale indicate different natural units, such as dark green areas referring to a landscape of dense forest, and light brown parts indicating a desert or beach covered with sand.

the Croatian coast is old (left) and in the new (right) view (source: the verge)

We start the autumn with online trainings by Kubernetes and Flutter (x)

CountingNews will launch 8 eligible 24-hour online foundation trainings in September.

Kubernetes and Flutter start the autumn with online trainings (x)
CountingNews will launch 8 eligible 24-hour online foundation trainings in September.

In addition to a more spectacular update to the natural environment, Google Maps will receive more detailed street views in three cities – London, New York, and San Francisco – in the coming months. In these cities, the map service will make it easier to identify major and minor roads, pedestrian-only pedestrian streets, or subways.

Google has placed particular emphasis on updating the map service in recent years, after Apple's relatively weak start among rivals. after, he put an exceptionally strong package on the desktop in the form of his own service called Apple Maps. Thus, Apple's own map already includes some of the enhancements that have been included in Google Maps.


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