Google One backups will be free on both Android and iOS

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Google One adds a new feature, the cloud service now has full backup of iOS devices in addition to Android devices – plus it's completely free on both platforms.

Google One was launched two years ago, with subscribers You can get online storage with family members, real-time product support, and discounts redeemable at Google's online stores for a minimum monthly subscription fee of $ 2. Last year, Google One also introduced automated backups for Android phones, allowing messages, installed apps, photos and videos, and other important data to be stored online, so they won’t be lost even if the device becomes unusable for some reason.

Automated backup is now enhanced with support for iOS devices – and is available for free to anyone interested with a Google Account, along with the storage management tool included with the service. The solution is available in regions where Google One itself is available, but the list of these countries is quite long, including Hungary.

So automatic backups can be set up without a Google One membership, for which the search giant iOS en also releases a new dedicated application. Free backups use the 15 gigabytes of free storage associated with Google Accounts – with a new management feature that adds a new management feature to the Google One app and web service. This allows you to keep track of which files occupy the most space on the Drive, Gmail, or Photos interface, making it easier to keep storage space and quickly deleting redundant content.


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