Happy New Year! Users make it a trend in networks … This is why

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Time seems to work in a very relative way on social networks, so this morning many Mexicans who barely got up after giving the Cry of Independence, woke up to the surprise of Happy New Year New making it a trend on Twitter .

It has come as no surprise that this 2020 has been atypical and unusual to such a degree that many wish that ends. but the surprising thing was to realize this Wednesday of the enormous desire that Internet users have for this to become a reality .

That is why millions of Mexicans woke up just a few hours after shouting Long live Mexico! with the news that it was time to say Happy New Year, or at least on social networks.

This Wednesday, many users surely woke up with a little hangover and with the news that more than three months had passed in just a few hours. Since Twitter showed us that space-time considerations do not exist in its digital universe, only now, so Internet users considered it a good time to say Happy New Year 2021! [19659005] It may interest you: After 39 years! Roberto Gómez Fernández announces his definitive departure from Televisa


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