Has there already been reconciliation? Angélica Rivera and El ‘Güero’ Castro have a very ‘together’ in Miami

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Mexico .- Angélica Rivera once again made it clear that she maintains a very good relationship with, José Alberto 'El Güero' Castro because a few hours ago they walked very together around Miami as the family that they are.

Their eldest daughter, Sofía Castro shared a video in her stories on Instagram to thank for having had a pleasant time moment in the company of his favorite people.

In the footage you can see his sisters, Fernanda and Regina Castro, as well as 'La Gaviota' his brother-in-law Gelin Hau and although 'El Güero 'does not appear in the recording, he did label him and confessed that the only one missing at this time was her boyfriend, Pablo Bernot .

Together (together) ”, read in the Instagram story

On the other hand, the producer confirmed that he is in Miami by posting a photograph in which ap He appears with his youngest daughter, Regina.

My favorite princess ”says El Güero in the publication.

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