He does it again! Now Paty Navidad is an ‘expert’ in vaccines

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Mexico.- The actress from Sinaloa Paty Navidad again blew up the networks and caused endless reactions due to her exposure to vaccines the effects they cause and “the true” end they lead.

The controversy figure, ensured that the vaccines that are processed against COVID 19 actually what They bring is “ nanotechnologies to control humanity.”

“What these vaccines really bring is nanotechnology to modify our DNA, to become hybrid human beings, where we will already have in our body , organism, technology, that we will be monitored, controlled, without privacy, without privacy; technology with which they can read and modify our thoughts, alter them, well through our eyes to know what we do, what we do not like and what we don't, change our temperature, cause many ailments, diseases and sometimes also suicide and death; This technology is called that all comes from Tesla along with psychotonic weapons, the same 5G, remote control, they can cause respiratory arrests to affect the entire central nervous system of people and cause countless ailments even the simplest up to the most serious, investigate, analyze. “, he expressed in a video on his social networks.

The reaction of the Internet users did not take long, and they asked him which one did he smoke? and since when she became an expert in health issues.

Paty Navidad has been the target of her own words, confusing words with “surimi” instead of “tsunami” and many others that “se has winnowed ”on social networks, and that they have made her the target of criticism, mockery and many, many memes.



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